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Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

In order to make our lives easier, new inventions are continually being developed and restaurants are forced to keep up with these new technologies if they want to continue to grow in today’s tough economic conditions.

The mobile phone is the most widely used communication device the world has ever known. Think of the impact the Internet has had on your life and your business, yet there are five times more consumers that own a mobile phone than own a computer. Therefore, restaurants are forced to “Go Mobile” if they want to build a solid foundation of promotions and customer loyalty for continued growth.

The most popular type of mobile marketing is Text Message Marketing. Because of its effectiveness and affordability, it has now become the most powerful and popular form of restaurant marketing around the world and is by far the most effective way to reach your existing customers in order to get quick and measurable responses from them.

Since Text Message Marketing is a form permission-based marketing, response rates are much, much greater than traditional forms of advertising because your “opt-ins” actually want to receive your coupons and promotions. This develops trust and loyalty which bonds them to your restaurant.

Restaurant Owners:
If You Read Nothing Else – Read This

Text messaging is by far the most popular method of communication restaurant customers chose for a restaurant to contact them and is a great way to retain your existing customers while building loyalty to your establishment.

Consider this:

  • There are over 5 Billion mobile devices worldwide
  • Over 73% of your customers would like to receive special offers and discounts on their mobile phones
  • Text messages have a deliverability rate of nearly 100%
  • Studies have shown that over 97% of your customers read their text messages within 5 minutes
  • Text message marketing consistently gets response rates of nearly 25%, which is more than 10 times that of traditional marketing promotions
  • Text message marketing is highly trackable making it easy for you to evaluate different promotions quickly and affordably

When our client’s restaurants “need money”, this is what they do because it’s the quickest way to cash in on your existing customers, stimulate referrals and get a grip on customer loyalty… and you can get started right now, at our expense with our turn-key “Mobile VIP & Loyalty Promotion”. There’s no obligation. It’s completely risk-free.

Uncover the Text Message Marketing
Secrets That Will Increase Your Profits

At first, Text Messaging seems to be a very simple marketing method, but you can accomplish more than you think.

You can use our Text Messaging Marketing platform to:

  • Grow your business by building a brand for your restaurant
  • Maximize foot traffic by sending out coupons and special promotions
  • Build repeat business by stimulating enrollment into your loyalty programs
  • Enhance customer relations by staying in touch with your guests
  • Increase revenues by sending alerts and special VIP offers
  • Encourage referrals to build your customer base
  • Improve your customer loyalty by conducting customer surveys
  • Allow your customers to vote on new menu items to boost involvement
  • Decrease no-shows by reminding customers of reservations
  • Elevate awareness of specific menu items by showing videos of meal preparations
  • Drive people to your restaurant or special events to maximize revenues
  • Boost social media engagement to bind consumers to your restaurant
  • Cultivate goodwill by sending a voice message from you wishing your customers a happy holiday
  • And much, much more…

These are just some of the most popular ideas that our clients have done, but you can even do more.

Why Are We Giving You This
“Mobile VIP & Loyalty Promotion” For Free?

It’s simple! We couldn’t think of a better way to build a long-lasting relationship with you, than to show you the power of Text Message Marketing on our dime because once you see how we can generate more new customers, stimulate referrals and produce additional profits for you in very a short period of time, we know you’ll be addicted.

So sign up today for your
Free “Mobile VIP & Loyalty Promotion”

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